Jayani Stock Advices is one of the leading stock advising companies who provides good quality of analysis and advises to all the stock market investors who want to earn sure profit by investing a small amount of money. The sole purpose of creating this site is to provide an information resource to the systematic investment in Indian Stock Market. Through our value driven approach to client servicing, we have built up a good client base services. We will provide advises to give the best of services to our clients.

All our services are provided through SMS.

Our aim

Our aim is to encourage more and more common people to enter into the stock market and to convert them as genuine fundamental investors and multiply the wealth of our client. To provide a good success ratio in the stock market by string technical & fundamental advice and marketing investors to earn.

Our biggest advise is providing the best value for money to our members

  • We have research based advice team.
  • We understand the needs of the investors.

Our business philosophy

  • Maximize our investor’s wealth.
  • Building wealth and good gains for our clients.
  • Provide systematic investment strategies.

Fundamental based advisory team

  • We have team which is closely related with the market.
  • Our team research on various companies for their growth, expansion, strength and economic growth.